If you have the ambition to grow faster than your competitors, we have proven ways to make it happen.


  • Business Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Concept Workshops

Conversion Optimization (CRO)

  • A/B and MVP tests
  • Heatmap analysis / Visitor recordings
  • Page tests
  • Conversion analysis
  • Online Surveys / NPS


  • Campaign analysis
  • Customer-lifetime-value (CLV) calculations
  • Cross-selling Analyses
  • Dashboards
  • Dynamic Pricing or “Smarter Pricing Dynamics” (SPD pricing)
  • Effect of online behavior on Offline revenue
  • Forecasting
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager audit and implementation
  • Google Analytics eCommerce tracking
  • Google Analytics trainings
  • KPI workshop
  • Reporting related statistics & analytics
  • Shopping Basket Analyses
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Market analysis

Content & SEO

SEO MVP: Reaching minimum level of SEO in all areas listed below

  • SEO status + competitor audit
  • Daily SEO (monitoring errors, redirects, duplicate content, organic traffic)

Technical SEO

  • Technical audit
  • Pagespeed analysis
  • Mobile analysis for visibility
  • Information architecture audit / planning (overlaps content)
  • Schema & Open Graph

Content & On-page SEO optimization

  • Content audit (e.g. thin content, duplicate content, missing content)
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content MVP (e.g. titles, descriptions, landing pages matching keyword analysis)
  • Content strategy (e.g. themes, personas, content suggestions, content planning)
  • Content workshop and trainings
  • Social media strategy

Links & Off-page SEO optimization

  • Link building strategy
  • Creative / Viral campaigns (overlaps content part)
  • Backlink (own + competitor) audit
  • Backlink monitoring

Other SEO actions

  • Website launch SEO planning
  • Local SEO actions
  • International SEO

Paid Advertising

Google Advertising: Google Adwords

  • Search ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Sponsored Promotions (Gmail-direct)
  • Remarketing: Search and Display Network – also through Customer match (your own customer lists)
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Display Network
  • Shopping Ads (outside Finland)
  • Other interesting formats coming, i.e. local inventory ads

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • All ad formats (pictures, video, carousel, dia, collections, lead ads)
  • Remarketing: Basic and dynamic
  • All targeting options (prospecting campaigns with different demographics / parameters, lookalike audiences, custom audiences)

Other Advertising Platforms

  • Bing
  • Adform RTB (also remarketing)
  • Linkedin


So you want to go international, but do you know the right moves to make? Where to find lucrative new markets and enter them without breaking the bank?

Trust our hard­won insights and proprietary tools to get you there with certainty.

When you want to go global we’re able to help you with:

  • Go-to-market Strategy and Execution
  • International SEO

When you come to us, we’ll huddle with you to come up with an exciting growth plan. To temper the excitement, we’ll make it realistic with 100% reachable milestones. Tools that we use for getting growth that you need can be everything under digital world, e.g. PPC, SEO, Content, Conversion Optimization, Analytics – we’ll find the right channels that also are best for your business.

We have honed this process to a tee with our prior success stories, so reaching that goal won’t be just a dream, but a foregone conclusion.

When you work with us, you know we take charge and will not stop until you reach your goals… and then keep going.

The buck stops with us, and the results belong to you.

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